May and June have seen us planting Spinach, Broccoli, Snapdragon flowers, Broadbean and Pea seeds in the Hothouse, that grew into seedlings and are now growing in our garden. Over the next few months Peas and Sweetpeas will steadily climb the student created supports.

Rosemary cuttings we took in March grew strong roots and we have now planted them out to make a hedge behind the Compost bays. Lavender cuttings have also been planted in the Chook House, being excellent repellent of mites. We have been diagnosing tree/plant pests and diseases on our Citrus and Apple trees and implementing pruning and organic control of Pear and Cherry Slug and Citrus Gall Wasp. Our compost has been moving along nicely and has been used to feed and nurture our soil..

Creating bird houses has been a project over the past few weeks, seeing many designs taking shape! Using recycled timber, a hammer and nails, students have also been working on these during our Garden Club sessions on Tuesday lunchtimes.

We have transplanted Figs, Apple, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime trees into the ground, mulched them well, watered and fed them hoping to see them flourish and fruit in the future..

Out Plant Hospital has been created and is well underway as a functional space for students to diagnose and care for sick/diseased/damaged/very young plants. The enthusiasm for this project has been truly inspiring!Iphone photos June 2016 095


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