July has suddenly become August!

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Wow, the cold weather and beautiful rain has arrived and August is upon me after July raced by! Out in our Kitchen Garden it looks gorgeously green and lush thanks to the regular downpours and care of the students.

The plants have slowed down in this colder period and many are resting….meanwhile we have been busy preparing for the Springtime!

Snapdragons and Everlasting flower seeds have been sown and are growing in the hothouse…along with more Broadbeans, Spring Onions, Spinach and Peas. Parsley, Rosemary, Lavender and Silverbeet that has been nurtured in the Plant Hospital has now been welcomed out into the garden. Succulents have been divided and planted out into individual pots to become bigger for the Twilight Market.

We have been painting signs with plant names and trying to find each plant in the garden. During Soil Science/Compost sessions we have been learning about acid and alkaline soils and testing the pH levels of each garden bed. In the coming weeks we will find out how we can alter the pH and condition of the soil to suit the plants growing there.

Students participate in cleaning out the chook house, feeding, watering and handling chickens fortnightly. Our chook ladies, Henny Penny, Abbie and Chocolate Brownie are receiving lots of love and care and have rewarded us with AN EGG!!! Yes, after 5 months, the girls have started laying again!




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