SPRING has sprung!

What beautiful weather for a kitchen garden! Rain, sun, warmth and more showers all helping to grow our veggies and fruit and increase the good bug life amongst it all! The end of Term 3 saw us tasting the very first Snowpeas and Beans picked straight from the vine, as well sampling Borage flowers. They taste a little like cucumber and can be put in ice-cube trays for a pretty touch to summer drinks.

In the Hothouse we have been busy planting Watermelon, Corn, Cucumber, Eggplant, Kohlrabi, Tomato and Basil seeds. Mmmm! Our Mulberry and Nectarine trees have fully budded with the promise of sweet fruit to come…along with the first sightings of Broad Bean pods, waiting for the students to pick in Term 4.

In Garden Club Tuesday lunchtimes we have been finishing our Bird houses which have now been put up around the garden to attract more bird species. We have been weeding and pruning, chatting about the coming warmer month and what we are looking forward to seeing and eating!

Compost action begins to speed up as the weather gets warmer so we will be conducting all sorts of soil experiments and insect sightings. The Glenda’s Gate garden bed edging has been completed by the students in Il Nido and this term will see organic compost turned over in the soil in readiness for the summer planting. Stay tuned…..


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