Sights and smells of Summer

Warmer days, sprinkling of rain, bees getting busy with the Borage, Sweetpea, Snapdragons, Calendula and Allysum, yep Summer has arrived!

Tomato seedlings, Climbing and Dwarf beans, Basil, Kohl Rabi, Carrots, Corn, Watermelon, Cucumber, Eggplant, Dill & Echinacea are all in the ground now and growing steadily. With warmer days now we have been piling on the mulch to keep the beds moist and seedlings protected.

A male and a female Kiwifruit have been planted and have started flowering hopefully to provide us with lots of delicious Kiwis to eat straight from the vine! The apple tree we transplanted into the ground at the start of the year and then pruned has burst into leaf and put on tremendous growth. A great sign that next year we may also get some apples. 🙂

We have been tasting Nasurtium leaves and flowers and are now picking the Nasturtium seeds from the vine which will then be pickled for our tasting in the new year. They taste a little like capers.

Our Edible Weed foraging has been a huge hit! This term we learnt to identify edible weeds within our school garden as well as a tasting. Among those sampled were: Shepherd’s Purse, Mallow, Chickweed and Plantain, with Chickweed being a favourite. It tastes similar to young corn/lettuce/cucumber and is identified by the hairy mo-hawk running along the stem. Very high in vitamins and minerals and protein makes it a great addition to your next salad.




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