Summer Observations

The year has begun with sunflowers popping up everywhere, bees busy in the lavender, pumpkins sprawling along the fence, bence climbing, basil, tomatoes and herbs growing effortlessly.

We have been seed collecting to add to our growing Seed Bank and have gathered sunflowers, purple beans, parsley, calendula, silverbeet and celery. All of these will be propogated during the year and cared for in the hothouse before being planted in the garden.

1/2/3 Learning Communities have become Botanists this term, being given a mystery seed or seedling to grow. Over the coming weeks they will look for clues, watch and note in their Garden Journals any changes and observations that may indicate what type of plant they have been given.

4/5/6 Learning Communities as part of our inquiry “How does our garden grow?”, have chosen a plant they will focus on. Students have designed methods for changing the growth of that plant in some way. Designs have included physical structures & supports, chemical changes, water & food differences to change the way a plant looks, or to change the way it would naturally grow.

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