This term the focus is on Adaptation and how plants, seeds and animals in the garden adapt to a changing environment. In 1/2/3 we continue caring for our Mystery plants, and are gaining more and more clues as to what they are! Some of us have already discovered we have Carrots, Beans and Broccoli by identifying characteristics of that plant and adding it to what we already know. As the weather is getting cooler and we have now planted our plants into the garden, it will be interesting to watch how and if our plants can adapt.

In 4/5/6 we have added an extra challenge to our experiment. We changed the environment in which our plant is growing to see how this could change our original design. Some of the plant inquiry projects have already produced a square pumpkin and a strawberry plant that smells of liquorice! These projects will culminate in a sharing of the whole design/growing experiment process.


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