Something to think about…


The world full of nature,

the falls and the streams.

It was such a great land,

it could be seen in dreams.


Our ancestors looked for fruit

roaming all around the trees.

They scratched and groomed each other

completely free of fleas.


But we evolved and invented things,

like cars, trains and buses.

What we did not know is that

these will make toxic gases.


Then a rival rose to fight it’s foes

but it was the pollution that could use the good blows.


Environmentally friendly was over-powered.

When the gases took over,

plants never flowered.


They took over the air and people died.

“It’s the end of the world!” they helplessly cried.

Most of our race, there was nothing they could do.

All of the hope is left in you.


Inside you is the ability to create.

Use it to stop this terrible fate!


by Ethan Burns



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