Term 3.


What belongs here?

This is our inquiry question for this term and has involved us looking at the history of plants, people and the land in Australia. How and why this has changed over time, what impact white people had when they arrived and how do new species of plants get here?!?

The topic of Biodiversity is a focus as the 4/5/6 LC’s design and start constructing different Biodiversity themed gardens. Our aim is to increase the biodiversity within the school which will then impact the local area and hopefully further. The gardens being created are: A Butterfly garden, Bush Tucker garden, Insect garden, Rain Water garden, Lizard Lounge, Edible weed garden, Bird garden, Snack vegies/fruit garden and a Wicking bed.

It is a completely student-led project which is involving all students. Lunchtime Garden Club sessions have seen quite a few students out working on their gardens and designs! We started with brainstorming, researching and drawing drafts and have recently been drawing our garden designs to scale.

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The 1/2/3’s have started their experiment to find out Do Plants Have Emotions? Each student will compare the growth of 2 seeds being subjected to “happy chat” or “nothing” over the next few weeks, observing and recording changes. It has sparked some interesting philosophical discussions during garden!



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