Eco printing

Last year as part of our Twilight Market preparations, the 4-5-6’s were introduced to the technique of eco printing, which means directly applying plant material to either paper or fabric in order to alter the color and create different patterns and designs.

Some students were involved in the foraging of plant material around the Merri Creek area, supplying the rest of the students with enough material to work with.
We were also very lucky that Janet brought us many leaves and different types of bark from her property.

Students then created their own designs on paper of fabric and these were later boiled for a very long time.

The prints on paper were sold as cards while the fabric prints were t-shirts which were converted by the 1-2-3’s into funky tote bags.

The beauty of such exercise is that you can never really be sure what will come out. There was only so much we were controlling in the process since different students used different plants and when all of these were put together to boil the chemical reaction was different every time.

The unraveling of fabric and paper felt a little bit like Christmas morning, there was a lot of excitement as well as some disappointed faces, but that’s part of learning, isn’t it?

Here are the beautiful prints the students made.


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