What a waste!

Hot composting

In term 2 we are rethinking waste and investigating some of the wonderful things you can do with it – like hot composting!


Students started by sorting waste into categories – was it ever alive or not? – as hot composts can decompose anything that was once living. Then we learned how to create the perfect environment for microbes to break down the once-living waste quickly and turn it into nutritious plant food.

Students enjoyed collecting ingredients and preparing them to ensure they were in small pieces.  They did a great job taking turns with tasks and remembering to layer carbon rich (dry) with nitrogen rich (wet) materials and to add soil and water as they went along.

The loved building the pile (I overheard “This is more fun than I thought it was going to be!”) and have been amazed by the results – piles almost too hot to put their hands into!

Using thermometres to measure we discovered that after only a few days the piles had heated to around 60 degrees! After just 2 weeks our piles had already turned into dark brown compost.

Worm Cafes

The preps have been investigating worms and installing Worm Cafes in their gardens. The worm cafes will take food scraps from children’s lunches and turn it into soil that their plants will love. As the cafes are placed directly into their garden beds, worms ‘visit’ the cafes and keep the soil around them healthy. Preps loved the tickly feeling of holding a worm and learning about their needs.  They enjoyed feeding the worms – especially the used coffee grounds – just like a real cafe! We have also been planting some seeds in seedling trays to grow around the cafes once they are established.


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