Indigenous bush foods

All this term, as well as getting our beds and hot houses ready for a productive spring, we have been learning about indigenous plants and constructing our very own bush foods garden. Students have done a wonderful job converting an unused area of the garden to a special place for growing edible native plants. Each learning community has contributed a plant or two so far and there is hopefully more to come.

Su Nei Cieli planted an Apple Berry– a bush with fruits that taste like stewed apples and kiwi fruit – can’t wait to try that one!

Il Nido planted a Sea Celery our native equivalent of parsley and celery and a Salt Bush – a hardy shrub with edible leaves that tend to divide people on taste. Some say it tastes like fish and chips and others say it tastes like rotten fish. Try if you dare!

Alveare planted a Midyim Berry – a sprawling shrub with beautiful flowers and berries that taste a little like eucalyptus.


Terra Verde planted some Lomandra – a grass with an edible starchy stem base and seeds.

Orizonte planted some Warrigal greens (Native spinach) – a hardy, much-easier-to-grow version of spinach that should be good to cook with once it gets going.

Bicicletta planted some Pig face – these succulents are already taking off well. Every part of them is edible – the leaves, flowers and fruit.

We’ve also been continuing on with our cooking and made some delicious fritters with greens from our garden and eggs from our chickens.

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