Merri Creek excursion, potato grass heads and a seasonal salad

4,5,6 students recently participated in a local walk and planting excursion down to the Merri Creek.  We made connections to their inquiries into colonisation and indigenous culture discussing the interesting history of the creek and learnt how planting indigenous trees, grasses and shrubs will enhance the biodiversity and help restore the health of the creek. We were also able to spot some of the bush tucker foods we have been learning about in gardening. It was great to see students connecting to their local environment and improving an area that they will be able to return to and enjoy in years to come. The local wildlife will greatly benefit from the enriched habitat as well as local nature lovers who enjoy biking and strolling in the area. A big thank you to Elissa for propagating the plants and to the Merri Creek Management Committee for helping us with the planting.


In prep we thought we would follow on from our learning about seeds and give our potato people some hair – grass hair, growing from seeds sprouting out of their heads!

And in cooking, it’s broad bean and nasturtium time of the year. The garden is ablaze with the bright colours of nasturtium flowers and the cos lettuces and broad beans that have been growing through winter are ready to use so we put it all together into a simple salad.

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